We are proud to offer Octagon Manhole Shields, which are the most popular manhole shield in the market. They were designed right here in the northwest, and manufactured by Pro-Tec Equipment, in many different sizes depending on your needs.

Some notable features designed to help improve productivity while increasing safety on the job site are:

  • The unique shape takes-on the best characteristics of square and round manhole shields. Think of this shield as a square shield that can be dug inside of, with those pesky, backfill-eating corners knocked off.
           • Potential savings of 3 yards of fill over a square box
           • Smooth outside wall slips out of the ground easier than a round shield
  • 4-sided protection
  • Trapezoidal cutouts can accommodate larger pipe sizes than square doors
  • Single wall light weight construction requires less machine
  • Double pinned stack pins allow the stack to be lowered in all at once